Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year!

It sounds like you've had quite the week. But I'm glad that the surgery went well and that you've started the big sell of your business. I'm really excited for you guys to be here. It should be a lot of fun.Like i said i think the temple in Guatemala will be closed but we can't do another thing about that. I'm really excited to show you who i have met and baptized. You´ll like Guatemala I'm sure.

But as for this week it´s been fun. We´re teaching this lady called Marielia and she is pilas. We had a fun FHE with a member family and her and i swear she can make friends with anybody which is incredible.She assisted yesterday and now knows a lot of the members. Everything we teach it just makes sense to her. And she wants to learn more about the church and knows that she needs to take the time to learn. Just some of the comments she makes just leaves me speechless because I'm just like ¨exactly! I'm so glad you understand¨ haha. Other than her we´re focusing on the references some of the members have given us.With the new year and time change from 8am to 10am starting time has really helped people come to church i think. It´s just a fun time to be here because there´s a lot to do and the members always help us out.

On Jan 1 i started a 3 month plan to read the Book of Mormon.President has always taught us that we need to learn to live with plans. And with this plan i can read it 4 times every year. Which isn't lot in one day but its little by little which i like. So I'm pretty excited to keep going with it and start doing a lot of things I've learned from President.

I'm excited for this new year! Love you all and see you soon.

Elder Erik Larson

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