Saturday, October 31, 2009

Description of the markets, Halloween, etc.

Hey mom-

Had a crazy fast week with changes and all. I never knew 25 missionaries would be a lot until you actually see them here in person. A few elders from my group are training right now. I heard that its fun and its a really good learning experience. I will train. I don't know when but i will.
So it sounds like everything back home is going to change with the stake and all. Talking about stakes we have something like 15 stakes in our mission. Normally missions have 5 or so i think. Kind of crazy but really cool at the same time.
So they do celebrate Halloween down here. I don't know how big its going to be but we`ll see how it goes. The market has been packed with people the past few days. It must be the prime time for all sorts of flowers or something. The market is just filled with tons of bright colors and people making a living. Very fun to watch and see what they do day-in and day-out. There are really really hard workers here that will hardly make enough for their family, but will make it day-in and day-out. And there are people that just beg and think that that is the way to get money. At almost all the stop lights there are people either begging, joggling, cleaning windshields, selling fruits, or anything to get a quet or 2. Its a very interesting life they live but there is a lot to learn from the ones that are true Guatemalans.

Hope all is well and that everyone has a great week

Elder Larson

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Learning from the President, Favorite part of being a missionary

Hey mom-

This week has to have been my fastest week. I would say 6/7 days i was busy all day. Saturday night we had a meeting with President and he always puts any topic in an eternal perspective. Every small thing we are doing or learning right now will determine who we will become. He is really an inspired man. We had family home evening with them and that was good as well. Tuesday i worked with Elder Alo with organizing all the medicine and things. I really want to organize what i can while i am here so it'll be a lot easier for the person after me. We had a birthday this week and that is always fun here in the office. Changes are this Tuesday and President is opening up a new zone in Momostenango. Changes should just be fun in general.

I hope all is well and that your hospice patient enjoys your visits and that the cleaning goes over well.

Love ya
Elder Larson

My favorite part of being a missionary. That's an interesting question. I would have to say its a lot different here in the office then in the field. But when i was in the field, i always enjoyed watching someone click and the lights suddenly turn on. For some it was fast but some people it took months, but it doesn't matter, the light still came on. Knowing that you played some little part in the investigators, or less actives, or recent converts, or the members lives at a certain time is really interesting to think about. You are there for a little bit, try to help anyone you talk to come unto Christ, and then leave. It doesn't feel like a little bit but when you have a change and look back, it feels like a little bit.

But right now in the office, i think for everybody its playing soccer. Well just on Saturday. haha just kidding

Elder Larson

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Typical P-day

Hey mom-

Sounds like Dads birthday was fun and will be fun. Sorry i didn't drop down for a quick visit like Lauren. I think that would have cost too much for a quick weekend. This week felt like a long day with a few naps. Time is a weird thing. We have changes in almost a week. It seems like we just started. Our mission is going to get a lot of missionaries. President is going to open up a lot of area these next 2 changes. That should be fun to see. 25 new missionaries will be coming this next change. That's just a lot in my opinion. We are going to be down to 9 in the office. 8 of us are American and the one Latino knows no English. But surprising enough we talk a lot of Spanish in the office. You said you just went over Jacob 1-4. I really like those chapters. I think i`ll read them over again this week. Those notes that you have might be really interesting if you still have them. Ive enjoyed watching the conference talks when we have time here in the office. It gets me refocused on whats the most important thing i need to be doing in m life right now. Its been really good.

Hope you all have a great week.

Oh and if you can send me Elder Palmers address to me sometime this week. I wrote him a letter and i want to send it. Thanks

Elder Larson

P.S. So you wanted to know what a typical P-Day is. Saturdays we always play (soccer, volleyball, spend time and eat at the mission home, and or we will go paca shopping). In the office we have started to celebrate everyday to change it up a little bit. Saturday because its P-Day. Friday, because it´s P-day eve. On Thursdays we get a package with all of the letters that come from the states. It´s always a huge moment of suspense with us all waiting for the mail guy to show up. Nothing really happens on Wednesday, so we just named it Funky-Nasty Wednesday. For some reason we all get excited for Wednesdays now too, even though we don´t really do anything exciting. Tuesdays are cool because there is a bakery that we found called Bake-Shop that opens up and sells American doughnuts. Monday actually is a dreaded day because everyone of us seems to always get completely slammed with work. Sunday is always cool because we get to see who comes to church and who doesn´t. It´s completely un-predictable and always a surprise to see who comes to church and who doesn´t. Every single one of the millions of people that you talk to each week says that they´ll be there, so it´s always interesting to see who the 2 or 3 are who actually do.

It´s also worth mentioning that we absolutely dominated a soccer game this morning. I will have to say that we aren't that bad for Americans.

Happy Birthday Dad

How is the young-old man doing? Trying to keep it low key on your birthday while you're married to mom. She would not let it go low key for your birthday, that's for sure. That's pretty funny though. Lauren even came down. I hope your birthday and this week was good for you.
My eyes started to hurt because i took out my contacts after 25-30 days and i wanted to wear my glasses for a little bit. When i was wearing my glasses they seemed to hurt. But i have my contacts in right now and all is well.

Happy Birthday Dad.
Love ya more than you know.

Elder Larson

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Erik's birthday pictures & other pictures

1) We were at Elder Saureys birthday party. Elder Cornia, Elder Cannon, and I waiting for the cake to get cut

2) I was working in my area and I came a little late. They had food before I arrived and told me it was dog and gave me some. So I ate it. It wasnt dog but i forget what it was.

3) Elder Alo bringing out the cake with Hermana Lorenzana. (Elder Alo is Elder Avas friend from Hawaii)

4) The strawberry cake

5) Made my wish and blowing out the candle

6) They told me to get a strawberry out of the cake because it was a tradition. So i did. And i dont think i need to explain more.
7-8) Yes that is cake all over my face

General Conference

Hey family-

I had another fast, quick week. Always something to do. That's for sure. I really enjoyed conference. Priesthood session was probably my favorite. We have read and watched them over again. Its nice having computers here in the office. I'm really trying to balance out everything i do right now. Because everyday is different filled with different activities. I cant believe I'm 20. Ive really thought about it. I hope i can make this entire year of my life one to remember. Learning something that i can remember everyday.
Things are doing really good here. Just still trying to figure out why I'm here and what I'm trying to achieve. I believe I'm in the process of that right now but still it doesn't feel like it at times. So I've seen a couple of the Mormon messages. One by President Eyring was really good that caught my eye. He said something to the affect of, in the morning you don't know what you're really going to end up doing that day, but with the time you´ll have during that day to ask for help to serve and be a blessing in some small way so you can know that you used your time wisely.
I hope all is well and that you guys have a great week with the things you are doing

Elder Larson

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Sunday, counsel from his Mission President


Probably just ending conference i assume. For some reason president told all of us that we couldn't watch the first 2 sessions of conference because they weren't too much mission related. But were going to priesthood soon so that should be fun. It was a pretty busy week. We had mission conferences and that was fun.

It was pretty cool that we talked last Sunday. I thought i would get you both and i think i did a pretty good job. I knew you would be sleeping and i called it. I cant wait to go to conference later tonight and tomorrow.

We had a meeting with president on Sunday night and he talked a lot about being number 1. Just being pro-active and doing things without being told. I really liked what he shared about it. He also talked about working with other people and companions. The one thing that i liked was that if you're in stake or bishop presidency there are 3 men. They are going to think, A, B, C and the Lords will is going to be X. That is really true if you think about it. And with talking about our companions he said your companion is NOT your companion but he is your teacher.

I hope all is well and that you all have a great conference and a great week.

Elder Larson