Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding in San Marcos, some pictures

Hey family-

Elder Treanor and I just got back from Rio Blanco in San Marcos to help some people get married. Elder Treanor helps people get married and he can marry people as well. So we went up today and it was quite a trip. Not a whole lot in between San Marcos and Rio Blanco but once you get there, there are a lot of people there. But that was fun. I took some pictures on the way and this camera is really good taking pictures on the go. Before we went some hermanas had an activity in the central park where they live and there zone and Elder Treanor and i helped them out with it. They had each organization represent a table and the elders mainly just contacted people and invited them to the activity. I went with Elder Ava and that was fun. I think it turned out really good and a lot of fruits will come forth because of it. I got the package and had some of the mochi and saw that there were some black things on some of them, (thinking they we seeds or something), and i ate them and then later that day Elder Treanor told me it was mold! haha oh well. I didn't get sick from it. But thanks for the hymn books. Elder Rico and Elder Cedeño both go home on Tuesday so I'm going to give it to them then. Crazy how time flies but it does. Thanks for the study book. I gave it to Elder Díaz who i thought needs it a lot more than i do. I hope i can keep in touch with him after the mission. I feel that i need to. I don't really know why I'm here but i do think i need to try my best to stay in contact with my old companions, especially Elder Díaz. But Ive been really good. Changes are Tuesday and Monday were having a party for Elder Galloway that is going home that has been here for a very long time. I'm really glad I'm an optimistic person and have the gospel in my life. I love just hoping and waiting for a better day because i know if I'm doing whats right now then i can and should have hope for a better day. Have a great week!

Elder Larson

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Visit from General Authorities

Hello Family-
I really enjoyed this week. First we had stake conference this last Sunday and President Lorenzana said something that i have really applied in my life and have enjoyed. When you stop praying with words and start praying with your heart you will things change in your life. I have really tried to apply that and i really enjoy not repeating the same things over and over again. But ya Elder Andersen came with Elder Clayton, Clark and Cordon today. It was fun and very cool that we could here from him. From what i liked from him a lot was he talked a little about helping the ward you are in grow and really live the gospel and seeking opportunities in life. He also gave warnings in sort of a way to the Latinos and the North Americans about what we should do when we get home off our missions. He told us that a lot of RM`s get back to the addiction of video games, TV, and things that are really not that important. And they lose the drive and the animation they once had here in the mission. But to all of us he told us to write down our habits that we have right now that we want to keep when we get back to our houses and read it when we are on our trip home. For me, mainly the focus was to help the lives of the people here in Guatemala and our lives to grow and use the opportunities there are in life to come unto Christ and to have a complete conversion in the gospel. It was really fun to see them and i hope to remember the things i felt that i need to do in my life right now and to become the person that i want to become. But it was great seeing him and hearing from someone that has been called from the Lord. He got Spanish and French mixed up and Spanish is tough for him so he started to talk in English and that is when it started to get better. I understood all the Spanish but he could say what he wanted to say a lot easier in English. I could not imagine knowing 3 different languages. That's just something really amazing and powerful. Jesus Christ lives and the Book of Mormon is true and the gospel is here in Guatemala because of Joseph Smith. And i have the chance to help others come unto Christ and receive a complete conversion of his atonement and of this gospel that is the only way to return and live with our loving Heavenly Father again.
Elder Larson

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trying to set up things for new mission

Hey Family-

Happy Valentines Day! I hope all is well over there. Everything is good down here. Just trying to set everything up for the new mission in Reu. New office, mission home, hospitals, and schools we are in process of looking for. Very interesting to me that there are a lot more missions combining and opening. I talked with President and when there aren't baptisms there will be a closing and a combination of missions. The new Xela and Reu missions will be small but we baptize here. The Reu Mission will baptize a lot. They always do. But its fun being here in this time when this is happening. Elder Anderson comes on Friday and leaves Sunday. Friday -Momos, Sat -Conference with missionaries Sun -Reu stake conference. So it should be a fun week for setting up for that. I cant wait to hear from him. But for right now Elder Treanor and i are working on changing presidents board in his office. To do changes and to see all the missionaries. It should look pretty nice and stuff. But Elder Cornia and i have changed wards now and we really like our new ward. We're just working with the members and helping them find a less active family come back to church. One family helped bring one to church last Sunday and we didn't do anything. Its been pretty cool so far. Elder Savage is doing really well. He's a branch president right now and he's serving a mission. He's a really good elder. Its been fun and it should get a lot more interesting very soon. We are going to Ocos on Monday as an office. That should be fun. Love you all

Elder Larson

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mission splitting! New mission in Retalhuleu

Hey family-

What a week here. I don't know if i told you that we were going to have a big mission conference this past Tuesday but we did. It was an emergency call by president on the Thursday before. I had no idea why or what was going to happen. But for right now our mission has 17 stakes i believe and we are in the top three missions to baptize the most in central america every month. For a mission to do that that would mean its very well close to dividing into another mission. And that was the announcement that was made at this conference. It will be split in May i believe. The new mission name will be the Retalhuleu Guatemala Mission. Its pretty much all of the coast and San Marcos. And the Quetzaltenango Mission has everything else plus Quiche now that was in the central mission. And from what i heard the waters of Mormon will be in the Xela Mission now. Very exciting and a little bit sad at the same time. But its almost been 30 years since this mission started. Very cool to think that its going to be another mission. As for right now i don't want a lot of people to know until it actually happens but i do want you to get a hold of Brother Palmer who served here and tell him the news and Sister Larson if she served here or not, i cant remember. Were going to be doing a lot of things down in Reu i believe in the next couple months to get everything ready for the new mission president and mission. And who knows if i`ll stay or go but whatever happens it will be a big change here in a great way. I can't wait to see what happens and help this work progress here in central America.

Love you all,

Elder Larson

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