Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Mother's Day talk with Erik

Here are some things we learned when we talked with Erik on Mother's Day:

He sleeps under a mosquito net.
He has a cook, a member of the church who lives nearby, who makes him and his companion lunch everyday. We asked what she makes and he said he's not sure. He said his companion says it's something to do with "pig fat." He said it's OK and it's not beans but that he didn't know what it was. She also does their laundry.
He and his companion do their own breakfast and dinner. I asked what they make for dinner and he said they cook a lot of pasta. He said that one night they even made the kind of spaghetti I make at home. Woo hoo! The training paid off!
They take showers using water out of a bucket.
On P-day they go into Coatepeque and play soccer with the older elders in their zone.
He and his companion are the only Americans in his district right now.
Erik's companion is the District leader right now.
They do a lot of walking and they also travel by bus. They are small buses, more like big vans. He likes the buses.
He said the weather is pretty hot and when we talked to him it was just the beginning of the rainy season. They had an earthquake about a week before we talked. They were in Sacrament meeting when they felt it.
He said they study the gospel and the language a lot.
He really likes his companion. His companion is from Dallas.
While we were talking we could hear his companion in the background talking to a neighbor.
If I think of more I'll add it later.............

Monday, May 25, 2009

Email to Dad

Hey Dad-Sounds like you guys are staying busy like always. That's good to hear. Ive learned a lot of things this week and I just need to work on applying them in my life. One big thing is that we need to work with our branch president because we have been called to serve in his area. I don't know how it is back home but here if we don't work with the members we do a lot of contacting. a lot. Which is good and all but it needs to be balanced. That's what I'm thinking. This next month were really working on contacting to find those people that are ready. It should be a fun month. I'm doing good. I'm just trying to use my time the best I can so I can help others. I'm starting to enjoy being out here a little more each day. Its been a good really quick 2 months. Elder Larson

Mission President Visit and Baptisms coming up

Hey mom-This week has been super long which was good but now that I look back at it it seemed really short. So we have 2 baptisms this Saturday. Two 9 and 11 year old girls. The whole family likes the church and the mom was less active for a long time. The whole family knows this is true and that coming back to church is the right thing. Hopefully they can just keep on keepin on. So President Lorenzana came down to challenge all of our zones P1s to baptism on Friday because our zone had the most. He gave a great lesson of why fe (Diane's comment here -is "fe" spanish for faith?), repentance, baptism, the spirit and enduring to the end are all important. He taught in a way where no one could not misunderstand. That's how I want to teach. It was a good night. But probably the best thing i learned this week was about desire. If I don't have a desire to do something then it won't happen. And if I just have a small desire then things won't turn out how I want them to turn out. But I've just noticed that in anything that I do now that I need to have a purpose to do it and I need to have a desire to do it as well. Right now I'm just working on how I can better my desires so I can help others and help myself at the same time. I can't wait to start this week and see where it takes me. Oh and I've lost 15 pounds. I didn't really think i had 15 to lose. But I'm doing really good. I haven't gotten sick or anything like that. I hope all is well with everything winding down with Lauren and seminary. Elder Larson

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainy Season starting in Guatemala (5/18/2009)

Hey mom-

Sounds like everything is coming to an end pretty soon. That should be fun when its over. So i think its going to start raining everyday here. Its been coming down the past few days. My health is good and I'm starting to use my head more. It's going good down here. This past week or so we've been meeting more positive investigators and we had this family come to church on Sunday and I'm pretty sure they know it's all true. Hopefully they can realize that. They are ready to be baptized and receive those blessings from our Heavenly Father. They have a close loving family which helps too. Elder Savage is always coming up with ways that we can do things better. I'm really grateful for him because he keeps us focused on doing our best to help out this area at this time. I can see us really making a difference here.

Elder Larson

Hey dad-

I'm sorry that you are experiencing a lot of firsts. But that camp out must have been fun though. that's a lot a kids too. So down here and its kinda hot in the morning and then it rains in the late afternoon. Probably everyday from now on. I'm teaching more than my first change but not that much. A little more each week i would guess. All is well down here. Time flies but its been fun so far.

Elder Larson

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Day after Mother's Day (5/11/2009)

Hey mom-Happy day after Mothers Day! i hope you had a great day. It was good talking to you for that little time. I can call at 5 my time for like 20-25 min. come with questions you want to know and we will finish the phone call. All is well here. Changes are today and we see if we stay or go. Kind of exciting to see whats going to happen. We will see how it goes. That's really cool about Ryan and Spencer. They're both going to enjoy it their missions. Thanks for everything mom. You are the best mom in the world and the only mom i want to be my mom. Thanks for helping me these past 19 years. Happy Mothers Day!
Elder Larson