Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Call, Skype call around New Years ???

Hello to all-

We talked yesterday and it felt really fast. I will email you when we might skype or not. There was no snow here for Christmas but it was alright. I'm glad to hear that I'm moving all over the place and still am a presence in the house. But Christmas was fun here. We had pig leg for dinner (a lot better than turkey) and a fun evening with President and his family. We kind of did a small white elephant exchange with their family and four of us. That was fun and Elder Alo gave me a Lava-Lava. Its kind of like a skirt thing but Hawaiians wear it as shorts. Its pretty cool and i feel like I'm half Hawaiian now. I hope that Christmas was fun and that you guys have a great new year with goals that will last more than a couple weeks that will bless your life. I'm excited for this next year and cant wait to start it.

Elder Larson

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas plans for mission

Hello to all-

Next week i`ll write and Christmas will already have best. That's crazy to think about. So this week has been crazy with conferences for the coast and the tierra fria. And we've been at the mission home a lot more because the person who cooks and cleans and basically does everything there just had her baby. So basically Elder Alo and I do al ot over there. Have you ever heard of tomales? We just made a ton, over 200 i think last night. For me they're not the best thing in the world but i like them, but the people here love them. I don't feel like its Christmas. So i had the chance to go to Reu where they had the coast conference and lets just say its hot there right now. My thinking is if its hot like it was it doesn't feel like Christmas. Thanks for the letters and the package that i got this week. I'm glad that you liked the package and i hope you guys can find something to do with the picture of the temple. I'm not sure about the Christmas call but we will be in touch. And for Monday we are having a big lunch with the whole mission, doing skits, and President will talk for a little bit. I think its going to be really nice. It should be fun. I'm glad that Jesus is the Christ and that right now we can remember him a little bit more. I just hope i can remember him more and do the things that i know i need to do everyday. Thanks for everything. I hope that you guys have a great Christmas and that you guys can have the spirit of Christ with you these upcoming weeks.

Elder Larson

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lots of new missionaries, Elder Garcia's visit

Hey family-

Another crazy first week of changes. 18 missionaries just came in and this next change we will be getting around 23. Our mission will always be like a roller coaster. Receiving a lot of missionaries all at once and then for a little bit, not receiving any at all and then going back up again. President has opened up a lot of areas because of this and getting the houses what they need is just a full days worth with a flete (a small truck) to move all the stuff to different areas. The first week is always way busy because of that and the things we do for the new missionaries coming in.
So Ive been reading the Infinite Atonement lately and that is one amazing book. I love the way he explains everything and it just puts everything in proportion for me. I'm glad i can learn more about it this time right now because it makes Christs birth even more special. I read the story and I'm most impressed with Joseph and how he acted with everything. It says he was a just man and i just hope i can be half of a man who he was in his life because of the way he was and the way he responded to everything.
I'm glad that Elder Garcia could stop by and i knew i would get you this week. You can open it now and enjoy whatever is in there right now.

Elder Larson

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pictures of Erik in mission home

Christmas without Erik to take the lights down, lots of packages arriving at mission home

Hey family-

Its almost Christmas isn't? Is Santa coming to the house this year? Has soon as December started i began thinking that this is going to be the first time in a long time that you guys will have to do everything without me. That will take a lot more time and stress. I'm really sorry. But everything is going well down here. Changes are on Tuesday and its always busy around changes. We have 18 missionaries coming in. They just keep coming. Same with pouch. We have gotten so much and i bet it will not stop for a while. This week Elder Alo and I did a lot of things with Hermana Lorenzana, getting ready for changes, a stake president lunch that's going on today, and preparing for Christmas. Its been a long week with not that much sleep. But that's not a problem.

So i think that around Christmas time for everyone it is always packed with things to do. I'm glad changes are right now so around Christmas it`ll be a little bit more tranquilo (calm) here so i can try to take in the real spirit of Christmas. Things are going great down here and I'm glad they are up there as well. Tell dad to say hi to Elder Garcia for me when he sees him this week.

Elder Larson

PS- So right now i kind of want pictures of me and the family. And i don't know what we have taken in the past but i just want a couple nice ones so i can have them in my scriptures. Another one of the one at the temple when i left would be nice. regular or a smaller size would work best. Whatever you think would be nice. Thanks mom.

Pictures from Thanksgiving and trip to Guatemala City

Here are a few photos that we took during that week.

1) Our thanksgiving meal

2) Us at the Guatemala City Temple (Elder Alo, me, and Elder Maughan)

Elder Larson

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week in Guatemala City and time in the temple

Hey family-

So like i said i spent this whole week in Guatemala with Elder Alo and Maughan. Elder Maughan had to get an operation that was there in Guatemala City. Hermana Lorenzana also went to a doctor over there. So it was us and the Lorenzana family. They left Wednesday and we got back yesterday in the afternoon. Everything went really well with Hermana Lorenzana and Elder Maughan. After surgery he was in a lot of pain and we spent the night with him for those next 2 days. But he felt a lot better after he slept that night but still had some pain. But right now hes doing really well. We went in 3 so if he needed anything Elder Alo and i could go get it for him. We got out of the hospital on thanksgiving and we stayed right next to the CCM (MTC) in rooms that are reserved for people that come and visit. Elder Maughan rested a lot so Elder Alo and i went to the temple or to get food. Going to the temple was really amazing. I put a lot of names on the prayer roll and it was just a great experience to go during my mission. Never thought i would but this week presented itself and Elder Alo and i took an advantage of it. 7 sessions and we were witnesses for sealings that were taking place.

I really felt like the 3 nephites that are still alive and how they live. Probably always going to different locations. Not sharing a lot of personal information. And going around giving service to people who need it. That's how i kind of felt this past week.

We took pictures at the temple and of our small thanksgiving that we had.

Almost the whole week my thoughts were on how grateful i am that there are doctors all around the world and not just in the US. Its truly a blessing that him and Hermana Lorenzana were able to receive help like that in Guatemala City. That's what i was really grateful for but also i was really grateful that my family could have a nice big thanksgiving meal with other members of my family that could eat my thanksgiving food for me.

Just so you know there is no black Friday here in Guatemala. Not really a Thanksgiving either but there is a big rush for shopping right now but nothing like the day after thanksgiving.

I hope Thanksgiving was great and that you all ate a lot. All is well here. Changes are next week and soon we`ll be preparing for Christmas here in the mission.

Love you all and I'm grateful for the chance i have to be here.

Thanks for everything

Elder Larson