Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elder Alo in Hospital - catching up on sleep & eating jello!

Dear family-

This week we had conferences and starting Monday mid-day to Wednesday around 9 in the morning i was in the hospital with Elder Alo. He`s all better now i believe but the jello in the hospital made it all worth it. The food wasn't actually that bad and i got to catch up on my sleep a little bit. So right now we`re getting ready for Elder Andersen to come on the 18th i believe and that`ll be very cool to see him and to see what he is going to say. Well......happy birthday ayer mom. Just thought i would tell you that before i forgot. I got a letter from Robyn and it seems like she keeps on traveling a lot. Its been a fast week full of studying, hospital food and conferences and this week will be better i believe. Gotta go.
Love ya,
Elder Larson

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uplifting music, request for mochi, working with Elder Alo

Hello family

I'm really glad to hear that Michael found a job and receive more light in his families life. As for me it was changes week here. Probably the busiest and fastest week of the change. Fun though. A lot of things to do but a lot of fun. Elder Andersen will be coming in this next month and that will be a really amazing experience. I cant wait to learn more from him and see what the Lord has to say to us. I can see a lot of things that i have done better here in the mission right now than when i started but i KNOW i can improve a lot right now. I feel better with what I'm doing as well as talking Spanish. Very fun to talk with people and get to know different types of people. We are allowed to listen to the Mormon Tab now and i never knew how much music can really change your thoughts and actions in your life. Very uplifting if you ask me. I believe its been a great blessing in my life though. I'm still kind of the main man with Elder Alo and we've been learning a lot from each other. Hes got a great heart. I want to give him some mochi from Peach Pit because i think he would like that because i didn't really get him anything for Christmas and he gave me a lava lava. Maybe in the next package (no rush) you could send some mochi as well as some original yogurt with strawberries if you would be so kind. Hermana Lorenzana keeps on talking about you and how she loves you. I told her that you have a website (i dont know if you still do) and she got really excited about it but if you can tell me what it is because i know if it changed or not. Other than that I'm doing really good and glad that i am here in Guatemala and glad that we could help Michael out. The church is true. One must live it to know if it is true. Amazing quote that i read this week is how i will end this email. "When one gives that means one has been blessed with more than enough."

Happy Birthday Mom!

Elder Larson

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Momstenango visit

Hey family-

Monday/Tuesday are changes and it feels like we just started this change. Its going to be a long few days but very fun i believe. I had the chance this week to go to Momostenango. It is mainly the only zone in our mission that there are tons of mountains and people speak quiche there. Very hard over there and they say there are not a lot of houses out there but only one or two houses on every mountain or so. Very cool to go out there and taste a little little bit of what is out there. On Tuesday we cleaned our house and there were tons of big bags full of clothes and other things that previous missionaries have left behind. A lot of garbage as well but were giving all the clothes to the people in Momostenango. I really like change and I'm really glad we did that. It´s been a fun week and yesterday was probably my best day this week because i had a contact at the dentist (while we were waiting for one of the sisters to get her teeth worked on) with the spirit and we taught a less-active family with the spirit. I'm glad that happened and that i realized that happened as well.

Good luck with everything these next 2 weeks. Very busy it seems like. Say hi to Grannie and grandad for me (both sides). I´ll be fasting for Michael today as well. If there is anything else just email me before the day is over.

Love you all

Elder Larson

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello family-

So i have lost wight and i have 17 size shirt but i would look a lot better in 16. If there is any way i can get 3-4 16 size shirts that would be really great. That's the only thing really that i need right now besides salami, cheese, and crackers. I love that now. Reeses and a Take 5 would be amazing as well if that could be placed in this upcoming package.

Sorry i started with all that. I was just thinking the other day and seeing that i don't think that good in these shirts anymore. And if there are black pants in my dresser that you think would fit me send them so i can know my size and stuff. Thanks.

So I'm doing pretty good. Another fast week that has just gone by. This year has been a lot different than last year and i really can see a difference in my life. Changing is not easy as you first think of changing something. You're going against the natural man (turning away from Satan) and turning to the Lord. But with that change i can feel a difference in my life in what I'm doing. I hope i can improve my character like Brother Myers.

It was only Elder Maughan and i that talked to our parents on new years eve. President wants to talk to everybody's parents (office elders) but he still hasn't yet with most of them. I'm glad we talked on new years though. That was fun seeing everyone and Glen and the family. Was busy all week with Elder Alo. There are a lot of people sick in the mission right now.

And the book of Alma is amazing!

Good luck with everything you guys have going on this month!

Elder Larson

Pictures will be coming soon

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year and testimony

This is kind of a "where's Waldo picture"!!!
Hey family-

Exciting week of starting a new year and being able to talk again. I was mainly glad to see that I'm still doing well over there at the house after Glen was through with me. Its weird to think that its 2010 but that's how a lot of things come. You just have to take it how it comes. President has talked a lot about change this week. Doing things differently and having more faith and hope to expect better things to happen. And also never being content but always wanting and having the desire to improve. Very interesting to me because if I'm content i wont have the desire to study or to improve myself. But it`ll be the opposite if I'm not content. I hope that made sense.

I'm really grateful that Christ was born and that we can celebrate that holiday through Christmas. But what i really like is that Christmas and New Years are really close together. Starting a new year with a different mind set of living a life more focused on Christ because he will help us change the road and be born again. He can and will help us if we seek his hand and take the first step to change our road. I'm glad that Alma the younger changed the road and i hope that i can always have the desire that he did to do the will of the Lord and to truly help others come unto the loving arms of the Lord.

Have a great first week of this year!

Elder Larson