Saturday, November 28, 2009

In Guatemala City with Elder Maughn

Hey mom-

I can only check my email really this week. I have a lot to say but i really don't have the time. Lets just say i spent this whole week in Guatemala City. Elder Alo and i came down with Elder Maughan who was going to have an operation here and is recovering down here. Elder Alo and i went and did a session 7 times this week. I will write more when we get back Mon/Tues.

Elder Larson

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Office tradition - birthday parties - pictures

So for birthday parties we always get the person a cake. And like you know with my birthday photo there is always a tradition to smash their head into the cake somehow. The first photo is of the cake. We knew he was going to be ready for us and we faked trying to get him several times. So we finished the cake and then he didn't think anything of it. So he received his birthday package 2-3 days before for his birthday which i decided to wrap up and give it to him after the cake. After one wanted him to open up the package so he did. We all basically got around him and watched him. Then Elder Cornia and Caal come out with a smaller cake that we bought and they got him right in the middle of his face. Classic. That photo says what we did that day and how much fun we had.

What we do for Hawaiian Parties (Erik really is on a mission!)

This was at Elder Alo`s birthday party that we had for him. We made shiskabobs and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting cold in Xela, getting ready for Thanksgiving, Nancy & Ramon

Hey family-

Its coming up on thanksgiving and there are a lot of things I'm grateful for. We had conferences this week. It was fun seeing my old companions and the elders who came with me. President Lorenzana talked about what they were told in the mission president training meeting. He talked a lot about tithing. Its a thing of faith and your love of God and it has nothing to do with money. Its a thing where if you don't obey this commandment you cant go to the temple and are in the process of not receiving the blessings that you can receive. A lot of really cool, but simple things i learned from him this week.

Its getting pretty cold here in Xela. Well in the nights is where it gets cold but i heard its not until December or January where it gets really cold. I will probably be here for Christmas. With President Lorenzana in this mission, once you come to the office, you stay until you finish your mission. I heard other missions are not like that. I`ll go out before but i don't know when exactly. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving here. President is a big fan of the north Americans and i think we`ll have a nice Thanksgiving here.

So i don't really need anything for Christmas. I don't know if you already sent it but i am doing pretty good here. Maybe if you do send something, do the same kind of thing that you did for Elder Cedeños birthday for my companions I've had. In the box but separated like last time for Elder Savage, Cedeño, and Rico. They are 3 really great elders. I was thinking something like wool socks for them because they are all in the cold land. I think they would love it. But just let me know what you think mom.

So Nancy and Ramon want to come visit me. That would be really fun to see and spend time with them. I only met Ramon once and it would be fun to be with them. But i really don't think that would be allowed. I would love to see them but being a missionary i really cant. I hope that makes sense and that they wont be mad about it. But they can write me emails or send me letters. I would love to talk with them but i don't think seeing them would be allowed because of the rules i have being a missionary. Please tell them that.

Lauren seems to be doing really well. And it sounds like all is well back home. I'm really glad to see that.

The thing i would say i really finally grasped onto and learned this week was to not keep doing the same things over again. You can apply this for anything but i learned it with my studying. I studied in different ways this week and it seemed to catch my eye more when i studied and i really got something out of my studies it seemed. Just thought i would share that with you.

Espero que todo esta bien en la familia este semana

Elder Larson

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prayers are heard in the Larson/Lawson families

Erik sent a powerpoint of this when he heard his grandparents (my parents) had to returned to the temple after a bit of an absence.
The first slide represents when Larry and I went to the temple to be sealed. (Los Angeles)
He had it labeled "Prayers are heard and answered in the Lawson/Larson family."

The second slide represents when Erik's grandparents (Larry's parents) went to the temple to be sealed (Sacramento)
He had it labeled "Prayers are heard and answered in the Larson family."

The third slide represents when Erik's other grandparents (my parents) returned to the temple after their absence. (Louisville.)
He had it labeled "Prayers are heard and answered in the Lawson family."
Such a sweet son I have.


Mission office - picture

This is the office at this last change. The Latino with the suit, Elder Pérez just ended his mission. He was a great guy. The little time i knew him we formed a relationship that will go on for a while.

Opening up new zones, staying busy, Hawaiian party

Hey family-

Its almost Thanksgiving. Time sure goes by fast when holidays come around. This week has just been filled with work in the office. It takes a lot to open up a new zone and 5-6 new houses. This week for me seemed to be a lot better than the last week. I have received a lot of answers from my prayers and its always a nice boast to keep on going and know that you're not alone.

President is in a big conference for mission presidents in central America in Guatemala right now. I cant wait to hear what President learned and what they expect of our mission. It should be interesting.

Monday we had a big Hawaiian party for Elder Alo. It was a lot of fun. One picture that i will send will describe it all.

I don't have any exciting news for this week, but you did. I'm so happy for your parents mom. I sent an email a couple weeks ago but who knows if its right. I'm really glad for them.