Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winding down at MTC in Guatemala (3/24/2009)

Hey mom-The emails from you just seem to get better and better. I'm Glad to hear about grandma and grandpa. That's so great. I got a letter from her today. Nancy, Ramon and Emma are visiting them sometime soon. That's so great to hear. I'm so glad you got my pictures. I was a little worried. But what else is new? Time really does fly. Its really weird but i love it. One more week and then I'm out of here. Good old cold Quetzaltenango. I cant wait. I know its going to be hard but i know its going to be worth it. We go on divisions again tomorrow. That should be interesting. Ill probably have a Latino companion. Its finally here. Just one week. My Spanish has picked up this week. Ive really enjoyed the CCM here. The weather, district, Latinos, temple. Its just been a lot of fun. I know I'm here for a reason. I cant wait to get started on these new chapter in my life. For the first little bit here our district and our mainly our teachers focused on Spanish all the time but just a few days ago we started to have more gospel related time. That has seemed to be missing. I really felt the difference once we started doing my gospel related things. Ive learned that I'm not here to just learn Spanish. I'm here in help others come unto Christ and it happens to be through Spanish that i do it. I can see myself growing everyday. I really enjoy it evening though its really hard at times. You don't need to send me anything special. I'm doing good on everything. No i cant print out the emails here in the CCM. I might be able to do it in the field put who knows? I really liked the package. I liked the chocolate the best probably. I don't have a favorite scripture yet. I like them all because the Book of Mormon was all compiled from a huge library. They are all important. haha Well.....i hate this count down. Its kind of annoying. I love you allllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!! Hang in there mom. Keep doing your thing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fourth week in MTC in Guatemala (3/17/2009)

Hey mom-Everything is going fine down here. The weeks seem to go by faster and faster and my Spanish seems to be staying the same. Not enough hours in the day i guess. Two more weeks and I'm out of here. So crazy to think about. I'm trying to speak more Spanish and think about it more but sometimes it just is so much all at once. I just made a good language study plan so hopefully that'll help. So i haven't heard anything about the groundbreaking. We don't get al ot of news from the outside world. I haven't gotten your package yet. I heard it takes a while for it to get here. Hopefully it gets here before i leave in two weeks. So I'm thinking you could send shoes if you want. I'm really not sure and my companion that i went on divisions with said he got some eccos down here really cheap. so its up to you mom. Everything is pretty cheap down here. And i sent some pictures in an envelop home almost two weeks ago and hopefully you got them. I don't think that was the smartest way to do that but i tried. Hopefully you got them. Ill see what i can do with sending pictures home. I cant upload and send pictures home through email in the ccm but i heard i could do it in the field. Ill keep thinking of some ways to get you them. But Ive been taking pictures. I have them. So i got a letter from you, Robyn, and Nicks mom today. I liked reading your quotes and Robyns letter. She said you two worked really hard and had fun together. So i think I'm still trying to get used to the food down here. That or i just don't eat a lot in the first place. idk. I'm doing great down here. I really like my district and the older north Americans. Oh my teacher(s) may have added me and my district to facebook. Just thought id let you know. So right now in my scripture reading I'm in Alma with the title of liberty and Moroni. He was a stud. He prepared his people first with the nourishment of the gospel and then for the preparation of war. I love those chapters. Ive been trying lately to actually apply the scriptures to myself and looking for scriptures that are familiar to those that I'm looking at. Its been real nice. Everyday i just think of more reasons why I'm doing the right thing right now in my life. Its fun and hard right now. But I'm enjoying it and relying upon the Lord more. Ive gotten closer to him in almost everything i do now. Its great always having a prayer in my heart. Then i always know what Christ wants me to do. I know hes there and everything happens on his schedule and i just have to accept that. I know I'm here because of him and i cant do anything without him. Its just having faith that Christ knows all and that he can help you through anything if you but trust in him 100%.Elder Larson

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week three Guatemala MTC (3/10/2009)

Mom-Guatemala City is amazing! The weather is way nice and the food here is pretty good. I haven't gotten sick yet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I sent some pictures home last week. Hopefully you get them within a day or two. Time has just flown by. Its crazy. I leave in 3 weeks. My Spanish is getting better but very very very very slowly. Last Wednesday we went on divisions with missionaries here in the South mission. My companion had been out 22 months. We talked to a lot of people and it was a really great experience. We were gone basically all day. Just hearing everyone talk i was like ummmm i have no idea what they just said. It was kinda funny but at the same time i leave in 3 weeks! But they talked really fast. Just something I'm going to need to get used to. That's great to hear about the groundbreaking. That' ll be good because that's a good topic to talk about with people since it will be right in their backyard. President Christensen is amazing. Just an incredibly man. Just thought i'd tell you. So last night all the Latinos and the older North Americans left. There were tears all over the place. I was a little sad but i was like...this isn't sad. youre off to do the Lords work and your dedicating these next 2 years to him. Enjoy it. But saying goodbye to my Latino roommates was kinda sad/emotional. We called one of them Sunshine. I love the Latinos. There always so happy and they love talking to us. Yesterday we went to Las Colinas and its this big property that the church owns down here. You could go hiking, play basketball, futbol, ping pong. This place was beautiful. We get to go again in 3 weeks. I really like being here in Guatemala. Just everything about it. Everyone is just so nice. They don't have a lot but they're happy. I saw that on the Divisions. Once the Spanish starts clicking I'm going to love it more. I cant wait! But for right now i just have to keep studying and keep doing what the Lord wants me to do. It was great hearing from you. Love all you guys. Elder Larson

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Erik second week MTC in Guatemala (3/3/2009)

Hola-That's great to hear that everyone is doing fine. You guys are always on the run. Its really nice here in Guatemala. I love it here in the CCM. We go on exchanges with the missionaries tomorrow so who knows how that's going to turn out. I haven't gotten sick yet and the food isn't that bad. Were fed really well. Elder Judd and I are doing fine. I'm just trying to keep up with him and the whole Spanish thing. Its a little overwhelming at times, but Ive been praying a lot more. President Christensen is amazing. A really great man. Him and his wife. We always have great meetings with him. We've talked about the Book of Mormon in an hour an a half. We talked about patriarchal blessings. We talked about why we are really here. Its crazy to think that Ive been here for 2 weeks. I got a letter from you, your mom, Palmer, and two friends from Quest today. It was great to hear from all of them. Ive been praying a lot lately. Mainly for the Spanish. I just have to use it and step out of my box. But I'm getting there. I don't think Ive ever brushed my teeth so many times in one day then i have here. The Latinos got me hooked. I love the Latinos. They just have something about them. I really like it out here. Sorry if this letter has been jumping all over the place. I'm not really sure about the boots. I will check around and see if boots or the shoes would be the best. But I'm leaning towards the shoes but who knows. The Temple here is great. Its smaller and some of the people in our session have to wear the translators but its great. The same things are done in each temple but each is unique in their own way. I know I'm here for a reason. I'm just trying to be patient and stay close to the Lord. My wrist is getting better. There's two sisters here that are going to be serving as nurses and they said it just takes time. like 3 months or less! I'm at almost 2. I'm just trying my best to deal with it. I know i need to be patient and wait for the Lords time. I'm doing his work, through his power, for him. I just need to do my best and devote all my energy towards serving him. Say hi to everyone for me. Keep doing what you're doing mom. You're amazing. I will try to send some pictures home soon. Oh and keep doing the small FHE groups with the ward. That's a really great thing. But you already knew that. Well I'm off. Crazy week ahead of me. We will see how it goes. I cant wait for it though. Ive learned that I'm nothing without Christ and that i can't do anything without his spirit. I'm starting to enjoy being a missionary. Well i did before but i see myself learning new things each day. Adios Amor Elder Larson