Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maria Fernanda's baptism

(Elder Larson and Elder Ledeno. Elder Ledeno is from Ecuador)

This week was the baptism for Maria Fernanda.

We've been teaching her for 8-10 weeks. She was ready for this gospel and we just needed to find her, which we did. She got everything we taught her but the only problem was that she is 16 and needed to get permission from her mom that lives in Texas. With that and a lot of problems with her family here in Magnolia it was a long process. But she knew it was true and she has made a lot of friends. She goes to all the activities. She went to 2-3 activities before attending church for the first time. This Saturday I believe she is going to the temple with the youth. I'm glad we found her and that she is doing the things she needs to do in her life. She doesn't have any family support but she has made a lot of friends in the church and I hope that will help out. She is the type of person we are looking for here. I'm happy for her.

Elder Larson

Saturday it rained A LOT for a good 2- 2 1/2 hours. At the time we were with our leader misional and right now he's selling basically french fries on a corner by his house. So he had a big tarp and we waited out the rain with him and ate some fries and sang a few hymns at the top of our lungs. It was pretty fun. That was fun.

Mucho lluvia una noche (Magnolia)

A lot of rain at night!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Erik's first mis-translation :) (July 20, 2009)

Hey mom-

Hope all is well and you guys are staying busy.

This week has been a great week. Sandra got married on Monday and we had a baptism for her on Saturday. It was great. We have another one set for this Friday and maybe another the day after. We had a good Sunday.

Bautismo por Sandra Lopez (18/7/09)

Look how dog gone cute she is! Erik is 5'11. She must be about 4'8"......

I'm so happy for her. And it's fun to see the picture of the Quetzeltenango Temple in the background. I bet the people are so excited! (Diane)

Talked with the president here and were on the same page right now. Its always nice to know whats going on. Was another fast week. We had two elders work in our area this week. They re in a group called the elite team and they travel all throughout the mission to help the other missionaries. It was fun working with him. His companion goes home in 2 weeks. I cant imagine that!

But i sent a letter through pouch but who knows if it got to you.

Elder Cedeño is from Ecuador and his birthday was on Thursday. We bought him a cake and had birthday candles, but the thing was the candles lite up again after you blow them out. You think you got them all and then they lite back up again. Pretty funny.

Oh and i have a funny story. I wanted to have my pants shortened and we knew a guy who did that so we gave my pants to him. It was the husband of Sandra and he said it was going to be free. But i really wanted to pay him so i said, yo quero pegar usted, which means i want to hit you. If you want to say i want to pay you, you say yo quero pagar usted. One letter off and it means something entirely different. Kind of funny.

Just wanted to share that and that were off to Xela today. Don't know what exactly were doing but i might see a doctor. But who knows.

Hope you all have a great week and that all is well.

Elder Larson

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Erik's investigator got married (July 13, 2009)

Hey mom-

This morning our investigator Sandra got married and we were the witnesses and most likely she´ll get baptized this Saturday. They both seemed really excited and happy and maybe in the next week we can teach her husband.

So Tristan is getting married? Is it that one girl from college? If so I met her once but it seems like you guys are going all over the place in the next week.

So at times I get so frustrated because I can't understand whats going on when my companion is trying to explain things to me. Especially when its about our investigators. But I'm doing good. Another week trying to understand my purpose in this life.

I love the members here but its really hard to find new people to teach here. We're getting better but we're doing good.

Elder Cedeño´s birthday is Thursday. I don't know what but he would like anything. You always have good surprises.

Thanks for the info about Pres Wood. Oh and The Wares sent me a small little package. If you can tell them thanks for me like 10 times that would be great. thanks.

But I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Larson

Dad-Hope all is well with your work. You're like a trainer in the mission. haha. So Elder Savage trained after his 3rd change and I don't know what I would do if I'm training after this change. It's so hard to understand people but it's getting a little better. Hope you have a great week. Oh and who was Mike Gerow again? I think I know him but I'm not sure.
Elder Larson

Monday, July 6, 2009

News from Erik July 6, 2009

We received several short emails from Erik today...........

Hey mom-

Thanks for the package. I loved everything in it. I already read the President Monson packet. That was really interesting. OK so it’s my companion's birthday. If you could send him a letter and use Spanish or really really simple English that would be cool. Elder Cedeño and its on the 16th of this month. I think he would like it. Thanks.

Elder Larson

Hey mom-

So it was the 4th of July here and I didn't even realize it. I'm loosing track of days, mom. I took dates that night and another North American elder said Happy 4th of July and I was like What!? That day we were the most full we have ever been with set appointments and all of our appointments dropped. All you can do is laugh and go on I guess because it was a long day.

I saw my blog (I printed a copy and mailed it to Erik so he could see it....Diane) and I just want to say hi to everyone that is reading it right now and to my future self and tell them that I'm doing good right now. My companion is Elder Cedeño. He just came from a Quiche speaking area and he knows some phrases and words. I want to learn but I think I need to learn more Spanish first. But we will see.

You cannot predict the weather here. It rains off and on here and when its not raining it is really hot. We have Maria and she is 17 and she has wanted to get baptized but her mom has told her that she should wait a little bit, but her mom is now giving her permission and were hoping that this Saturday she can get baptized. She understands everything we teach her and she has been to all the activities for the young women and I think she’s in the choir.

Hope all is well. I know it is.

Elder Larson

Hey mom-

So I’ve always liked the way you teach because its interactive, fun and I remember what we do or what we learned because of the activity or the paper or something we could keep. I want to kind of do the same here but I just don't know how exactly I want or know how to do it. Because I think that if we leave something with them that it would be helpful for them. Any ideas for prophets, studying the scriptures, praying, families? I'm just curious because I think something like this can help

I'm wearing my shoes but when it rains I wear my boots. They're doing OK. My ankles still hurt from the arches I had. I think it was that and the whole lot of rocks we have here that caused it but who knows? I'm not a doctor. I'm trying to take care of my body and I talked to my zone leaders and I think I’ll see a doctor soon.

But I'm doing good.

My Spanish is better than 5 months ago. But it still has a long ways to go. I can get around but its still really hard to understand people. With time, I keep telling myself that. With time. haha

Hey dad-

That's really cool to hear about Sister Vance. Had another long, fast week. We've done too much contacting. I feel like we have covered all of Magnolia. But it still needs to be done so we will do it. Trying to get balanced all things. Always a work in progress.

So I'm just curious, what was the best experience you had on your mission or that you learned the most from while you were in Japan.

Hope you have a great week dad.

Elder Larson

New Companion (6/29/09)

Hey mom-

We had changes on Tuesday. Elder Savage went to Xela and I have a new companion. Elder Cedeño. Knows very little Spanish. Surprising there is not a lot of quiet time. I can understand a little bit and its fun and really hard at the same time.

Sounds like you guys are busy like always. Sounds like you're doing great and you have a new perspective about life. I do too. I'm slowing changing into a different person and i really like the change.

We have had a good week and were hoping this week will be better. After your email last week I was reading my scriptures and i came across 1 Nephi 13:37 and I thought of Sister Wood. Kind of cool.

My emotions go up and down several times throughout the day.

It's still a little new to me that my companion and I are the ones that are asking people to change their lives and come unto Christ. A big responsibility. But I like it when people choose to follow Christ because you can see the light come on.

Love you all.

Elder Larson

Another email 6/29/09
Hey mom-

And I also I was listening to a EFY song and I think it was called What will I do with the time thats left? It's pretty good. I like it.

And Sister Wood was a shock for everybody. I believe that. It was a huge shock for me. I also believe that it should be a BIG eye opener for other people to prepare now because we don't know when our last breathe is going to be.

1 Nephi 13:37
And blessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my Zion at that day, for they shall have the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost; and if they endure unto the end they shall be lifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting kingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall publish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be.