Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all.

Its a new year so now i will begin my diet and start going to the gym to work off the Holiday food. Its been a great year so far so I'm not complaining. I hope it has been the same for you as well. For the Christmas and New Years eve we went to sleep at a good 10:30. And let me tell you that i slept really well.

But besides the fact we couldn't leave the house all day news year we had a good week. We received a reference of a lady on Saturday that has been wanting to learn more about the church for a long time now.She has even looked on the internet to find stuff but told us couldn't find anything. We invited her to church and she came! It was really cool. It seemed like she enjoyed all the meetings. We were just amazed to see what happened. She made friends really quickly and we hardly had to do anything because the members had a good control over her. Explaining the small things we do, guiding her around, and asking any ?´s she had. Hopefully we can have a FHE with her tomorrow with a family here in the ward but we´ll see how it goes.You asked about what things you could bring. The white church shirts would be amazing for all ages. Just remember that they´re not that big here haha. And ties. And whatever else you think of that you would like to bring would be amazing.

Love, Elder Erik Larson

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