Monday, January 17, 2011

Just think two years ago..........

Just to think that 2 years ago from today i was packing and getting ready to go for a long trip to Guatemala, or in other words, a mission. I had no idea what to expect. I was worried i wouldn't eat three times a day. I was wondering for a little bit where it even was.ha ha. But i was ready. I didn't really know what it was that i was supposed to do but i went. Said good-bye to moms cooking and making out like a bandit at all the stores i went to with you guys. Which was always nice. But i learned as time went on that i would be fine and then i started to enjoy why i was here. I had the best first companion you could ask for. We had fun, learned a lot, baptized, and became great friends. I just have tried to follow his example and have my own luz propia and time after that just flew by.

Marielia didn't come to church yesterday because she was sick but we´ve been trying really hard with her. I guy that i found almost more than2 months ago came to church yesterday and i think he really enjoyed it. He wants to do everything that we tell him but just has never made that chance to assist the church because of his parents. Pure Catholics. The other two missionaries are some-what visiting him and then told me Saturday night that he would be assisting church. I then thought to myself that he has said that to me about 3 different times but has never showed up. So i got a thought that we should go personally and pick him up because he has always told us that he would come on his own and that we don't need to worry about it. So we went and brought a shirt and tie. He seemed really grateful and happy when we were there but then said he had a lot to do around the house to help his parents out. And while when we were talking to him his parents came him. So he kind of lives next to them and his about 32 yrs old.Then someone knocks the door and its his mom. And she tells him that his dad said he cant go anywhere because he has to study and get ready for his steadies. I then, QUICKLY, said Hermana, remember me? Trying to get her to realize that its not a bad thing we´re doing. Because i remember the first day i met her and her son, Miguel. We talked to her one day and had a long conversation about life and challenges and i thought she really was going to be interested. We received a return cita with her and she wasn't there and then we met her son. So back to what i was saying...i tried to get that feeling back into her that we´re not hurting your son, but just trying to bless your whole family. So we left because he said he would come on his own and i was like ¨NOOO!!¨ If it wasn't for his parents restricting him to live his own life he would surely come. So we left and had church and at the beginning of the closing hymn he came in. I was so happy. And then he stayed for the other two hours and had an interview with the bishop.Hopefully he can keep coming and enjoying what Christ and the church has to offer for him. I have a deep love for him. He´s really cool.

But as for everything that you told me about the trip is fine with me. But a few journals would be pretty cool. Not that expensive but 5-10 or so. Thanks mom.

Love, your son Elder Erik Larson

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