Monday, January 24, 2011

Last email home - Erik's testimony

The last email home just doesn't seem real to me. I just think that i´ll email you like I´ve always done next week to see how everything is and to tell you about my week. But instead of emailing i will see and talk to you. But I'm really excited to see you and show you around Guatemala. I have enjoyed Guatemala. Ever since i started i have loved it here. I love the people that i have gotten to know and the people that i haven't met. I know that they are a people blessed from God. They have work habits that i would love to have. They have blessed my life in a way that has made me remember Jesus Christ. A dedicated life for the family, work, religion, and a good meal every once in a while. I have come to love the gospel from the example of the lives of the members here that i have served with. It had helped me realize that i don't need a nice house, car, food, clothes to have a strong testimony of why i go to church. All you need is a true desire and i have seen that with all of the people that i have helped take that step of baptism. I love how the gospel makes us become better people. I love how the scriptures really can be applied in my life. I love how i can go unto the Lord and just express how i feel. I love how converts can be the most converted members because they have experienced that joy the gospel brings. I love how being a good example helps others want to learn more about the church of Christ. I'm grateful for this experience i have had to be a witness of my elder brother, Jesus Christ. I love him. I want to get to know him more throughout my life so he can guide, lift, and bless my life so i can return and live with him and my family again.

Elder Erik Larson

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