Monday, December 27, 2010

Follow up to Christmas call

Hola to all-

That was a nice, quick 30 min i believe on Saturday. It was fun to talk to you. I'm glad your excited to come down here. It should be fun from what you told me we´re going to do. But the holidays here, like you both know are always different than for for anybody else. They had a ton a fireworks at midnight but i slept right through it. Christmas was pretty chill. And just these past few days because no one seems to be home. But it should be better this next week. But other than that I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for everything again.

Elder Erik Larson

P.S.- There is a book called The LDS Missionary Workout Program or something similar to that name that i would like. You don't have to send it but i would like it when i get back. Only if you can find it. If not than that's ok.

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