Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas coming up

Hello to all-

So the rumors on the street is that its Christmas this week. I don't know if you caught the memo but it is coming up pretty quick. Saturday i can call around 9 or 10 my time here in the morning and we can talk for a good 30 min. But the Christmas season is always enjoyable in one way or another. Its just the way we look at it i believe.

But I'm so happy that all is well and that you guys have been kept busy. As for me we have been kept pretty busy. We have been running around to help the other elders and sisters with their baptisms, getting them medicine, and trying to help a few people come to church.

But on Friday we had the Christmas party for the ward and we got one family that we´re teaching to come. We weren't allowed to go but we dropped them off and they had a great time they said. We didn't have anyone come to church on Sunday which was hard to take again but alli vamos right?

So we tried to pass by with that family last night but the husband wasn't there. They have a small little tienda as well. But instead of talking with her we saw another lady that looked lost or
she was waiting for something. So we quickly noticed that and we started to talk to her. At this point of time, around 7:30 she has been waiting for her husband since 2pm. She basically started talking to us about life and just personally things. She said that he was probably drunk again. And just with talking to her i felt really bad. I asked her about if she is attending i church and she said no, but that she used to. And then i asked her how has been her life without church. And then she told us how it has changed a lot and a lot more problems have come into her life. And i just stood there shocked because she has had a tough past few years and that she really needs a change in her life. She was going out of down but we gave her a BOM and we´ll be in touch these next few days. Its just hard to think how this can happen to a family. And how it really hurts the kids and the wife as well. I have come to have a lot more respect for the moms and wives out there that are trying to do whats best and not give up trying when i would think i could not handle it.They just have that buso about them which make me want to be a little better.

But in other we had a big soccer tournament with the whole mission. It was fun but of course we lost. I'm a big fan of soccer now. I'm obviously not the best but i love it.

But thanks for everything this year and we will talk SaTuRdAy

Elder Erik Larson

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